Resin Paving

PurePave driveways, walkways, starpaths and patios are incredible additions to any landscape design, but that's not only what makes them so special. 

Choose from a variety of natural aggregates from around the world to create your own custom eco-friendly, permeable surface.

The combination of a porous base construction and permeable surface

allows water to move freely through the pavement porous cavities as it expands and contracts during frost/thaw cycles. This eliminates the negative effects caused by heaving that we see in traditional pavements like asphalt and interlock. 

Unbeatable Warranty and After-Care:

Years down the road, like any pavement, resin-surfaces can dull and wear over time. That's why we've developed PurePave Spray-Tech. A system that enables our team to provide free touch-ups to our client's surfaces to ensure that when you install a PurePave surface, it is guaranteed to look as good as it did on day one, for as long as humanly possible.


Ask about our 10 year warranty and Pure-Shine program for details!

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A quote from PurePave includes full permeable base installation, PURE-Grid base stabilizer, underground water drainage and management, architect design option and PUREPAVE surfacing.

Custom Exposed Aggregate Surfaces

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