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All you need to know on Low Impact Development

"Low Impact Development” (LID) has become a key topic for engineers, planners, and architects who are faced with increasing environmental restrictions. The challenge for them is to minimize the impact we have on the ecosystem while at the same time create alluring, safe, and resilient infrastructure.

But what exactly is LID and how can this help mitigate environmental consequences?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the term LID refers to practices that mimic the natural movement and drainage of water to manage stormwater in order to protect water quality and aquatic habitat.

One such practice of LID is installing permeable paving, which retains and soaks in rainwater into the ground rather than allowing it to run off into ditches and drainage systems, where it would contribute to flooding and pollution problems. As a result, permeable paving helps reduce the human footprint by working with nature to manage stormwater as a resource rather than a waste.

As our community grows however, so does the areas which are covered by impervious parking lots, roads, and rooftops which does not allow rain to soak through. To tackle this issue, a number of green projects are currently underway such as the concept of Sponge City. Sneha Sinha of Insights Success mentions that "a Sponge City is a specially designed city that absorbs, cleans and uses rainwater in a natural and ecologically friendly way thus reducing runoffs.”

Work has already started in Lingang as well as 30 additional cities in China to implement the concept of a Sponge City. The primary goal will be to retain 70-80% of annual rainfall by applying green infrastructure concept using LID and permeable paving.

However, the overall impact that LID and permeable paving will have is more than just the retention of water, rather it will also:

  • Reduce the urban heat island effect

  • Save energy and reduce water treatment costs

  • Increase property values

  • Mitigate climate change

  • Create stronger infrastructure

  • Reduce water and air pollution levels

  • Improve water quality

Through the use of LID techniques, PurePave Technologies is pleased that the world is taking notice and moving towards implementing green minded projects such as Sponge City. We are also excited to help communities build towards a sustainable future through the distribution and installation of our industry leading permeable paving solution - PurePave. If you would like to learn more, please send us an email at

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