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10 Benefits of Permeable Paving for Residential Homes

Permeable paving has positive long term economic benefits over conventional paving like asphalt and concrete.

The University of California wanted to understand whether the use of permeable pavement in future construction plans will lead to a larger monetary net benefit for the university. The study performed the analysis over a 25 year period, comparing different types of pavements covering UC Davis’ campus.

UC Davis West Village

The benefits of permeable paving however are not just restricted to university campus’. The US Environmental Protection Agency conducted 17 case studies nationwide measuring the cost savings of using LID methods in urban areas. Remarkably, 15-80% was the average savings amount when this technique was used!

The savings found in the commercial and public sector can also be seen in the residential market. Below are 10 benefits for installing permeable paving to your own landscape:

  1. Increased property value of your home

  2. Improved aesthetics in your neighbourhood

  3. Increased marketing potential and faster sales for residential homes

  4. Reduced storm runoff and pollutants in your local waterway

  5. Reduced drinking water treatment costs

  6. Reduced costs associated with combined sewer overflows

  7. Longer lifespan than traditional asphalt

  8. Reduced repair costs over regular asphalt

  9. Anti-slip feature makes it safer

  10. Snow melts faster than regular asphalt

For more info on pricing please email us at where one of our certified PurePave technicians can provide a customized quote based on your project.

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