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Transform Your Cities

PurePave Technologies is proud to influence the development of sustainable infrastructure across Canada and the US. 

PurePave has been working hard across the USA and Canada, with notable projects in cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Barrie, Vancouver, Orange County Florida, Long Island NY, New York, Peterborough, and Muskoka. Our commitment to expanding sustainable solutions continues, as we seek new opportunities to grow and make a lasting impact

Rain Ready Program

Join PurePave CEO Taylor as he discusses the Rain Ready Program, a $5000 grant available in select areas, encouraging property owners to take proactive measures in mitigating the harmful impacts of rainwater runoff. By utilizing PurePave solutions, which ensure that every square inch of pavement infiltrates water, communities can effectively reduce flooding and sewage overflow in the Ontario River. Join us in safeguarding our environment and building resilient communities with PurePave.

Recently Completed Projects

1 / National Research Council of Canada (Construction Technology Building)
2 / Ontario Conservatory Authority
3 / Manhattan woods Golf Club
4 / Hylands Golf Club
5 / Vancouver Jaguar Dealership
6 / High Park Blvd
7 / Tree Pits in Downtown Montreal

Pending Projects

1 / Carleton Place LID Development Project
2 / Niagra Parks Commission (Niagara Falls)
2 / Nordik Spa
4 / Davenport Diamond Project
5 / Global Center for Pluralism
6 / Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
7 / Calgary's Net Zero Run-Off Industrial Park
8 / Downtown Toronto Bicycle Lane
9 / National Capital Commission Waterfront
10 / Montreal Biodome

Contact Us to Explore Rain Ready Program initiatives in Your Region

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