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Transform Your Property Management

Lower Maintenance Costs
Increase Lifespans
Eliminate Drainage issues 

Enhance your property with sustainable infrastructure. Purepave Technology's solutions are mindful of the environment and were designed to support the rapid growth of urbanization by reducing stormwater runoff pollution and replenishing aquifers.
The remarkable properties of PurePave Pro and PurePave Rustic will allow property managers to benefit from: 
 Anti-slip surfacing
       Lower maintenance costs
       No cracks or brick shifting (frost thaw mitigation)
       Eliminate all drainage issues
       Unique design capabilities (including signage)

Purepave performs unlike any other construction material and can mitigate frost and thaw damage while draining water more efficiently than any other type of permeable surface. Since Purepave won't crack, liability issues are significantly reduced with anti-slip. 

Did You Know

Existing property owners can upgrade with maintenance-free permeable surfacing. 


Some of Purepave's corporate clients have saved hundreds of thousands in annual maintenance while drastically improving aesthetics, functionality and corporate identity. 

Others are able to build more units, build taller structures, sell more land or turn a swamp into a basketball court. 

Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover 2017-2022 Project


Jaguar Land Rover Canada was looking for the best way to make the sidewalks safer while maximizing design and lifespan for every dealership remodel. The concrete was installed to allow for 20mm of our materials to land flush with the curbing and building perimeters. There will be no standing water on this surface, no cracks, no stone loss and snow will melt 50% faster. Property managers need not worry about salt damaging the surface either since it is 100% salt resistant. They will never have to deal with shifting bricks or weeds growing through. Clients buying luxury vehicles notice there's something special about the beautiful surface they're walking on and it leaves a powerful impression. Purepave Technologies' contractors offer a 5-10 year warranty on all projects. 

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