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P U R E  

Earth Conscious Surfacing 


The story of how a small construction company went from paving new driveways to creating permeable PurePave technology, innovating with NRC, replenishing aquifers with Conservation Ontario, distributing into USA and servicing over 4800 clients.

PurePave Technologies story by CEO Taylor


Taylor Davis - Moderator at, Permeable Paving scientist under NRC-IRAP, CEO PurePave Technologies Inc.

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to find out more about PurePave's permeable surfaces. Purepave's technology grew out of it’s construction company TAC Canada. We founded TAC in 2012 because we knew how to provide our clients with more paving alternatives and eventually, stronger decorative driveways. We soon became a major player in the high-end paving business and after patenting a new paving material, we were fortunate enough to team up with European Permeable Paving powerhouse: Addagrip.

As our construction company grew, so did the demand for sustainability. Our customers started asking if we could build custom granite driveways that eliminate drainage issues are anti-slip and don't become ridden with weeds or warped like interlock. We took on the challenge and expanded towards our customers’ demand and the environment's needs. Many of our client’s neighbours had the desire for a new type of upscale driveway, but did not want interlock or concrete… they wanted something more practical… something that was eco-friendly, beautiful and long lasting.


NRC Construction Technology building in Ottawa, Canada 2018

purepave-logo-box_edited-1 (1).png

Conservation Authority of Ontario building in Finch, Ontario 2018

Manhattan Woods Golf club installs porous golf cart pathway using PurePave Spray-Tech, 2017. 

Frustrated with what the permeable paving market had to offer for the Canadian climate, we started to look to solve the problem ourselves... and that's when things really started to get interesting. 


Mr Davis was flown out to Manhattan in 2016 and the PurePave team never thought the short trip would lead to a major US distribution deal just 18 months later.

We had joined forces with Canada's top construction materials chemists to create the strongest possible porous pavements. We knew that in order to accomplish our goal, we would need to push the innovation much further than ever before. We needed to create a system that functions in Canada and we did. Next we created a sprayable, UV-stable binder that would allow us to forever strengthen PurePave surfaces for years to come... 


PurePave was slowly becoming a highly sought after construction product and we began sending test samples to some of the world's largest construction companies in Manhattan and New Jersey while other construction companies used it to build amazing new driveways locally.



Fast forward to 2018 and Purepave's proprietary technology has been tried, tested and proven with international distributors across the USA, Canada and Korea. Now the National Research Council of Canada has installed Purepave at their construction technology headquarters. Conservation Ontario did the same and is referring developers to the Purepave permeable system. We can spray or mix PurePave to build the strongest and best looking eco-friendly surfaces available today! We can keep any and every porous paving surface in tip top shape using the PurePave spray-tech system and that is something we are very proud of. 

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon.

Taylor Davis, PurePave Technologies

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