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Low Impact Engineering

Purepave Technologies' team of LID specialized

engineers will evaluate your current site plan and optimize for: cost savings, sustainable stormwater management and land usage. 

Send us your site plan and we'll produce a report detailing how much you can save using conservation approved LID design and winterized permeable pavements. 

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Stormwater Management Design

The future of land development will include a stormwater management design that minimizes the need for infrastructure and maximizes natural drainage.

Provide us with your soil test reports and stormwater targets and we will provide you with a high-level LID solution that can save millions while helping to naturally restore aquifers and reduce pollution.  

Eliminate stormwater ponds.

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Conservation Authority Approved Development

Developers looking to maximize land usage can now do so while maintaining environmental compliance.

Completely eliminate stormwater runoff, get rid of stormwater ponds and develop more land. 

Get your project approved. Our team can help with your site plan and steer your team toward maximum ROI.

Who we're already helping: 

- Land Developers

- Home Developers

- Cemeteries 

- Golf Courses

- Car Dealerships

- Colleges / Universities

- Environment Canada

- Conservation Authority

- Property Managers

Existing property owners can upgrade with maintenance-free permeable surfacing. 


Some of Purepave's corporate clients have saved hundreds of thousands in annual maintenance while drastically improving aesthetics, functionality and corporate identity. 

Others are able to build more units, build taller structures, sell more land or turn a swamp into a basketball court. 

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