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Economical Permeable parking

lot surface. Durable high-traffic.

Local stone only. Full PurePave structure.

Still 100% permeable with max durability.

Designer PurePave. Choose from near 

limitless number of natural aggregates.

Architect's design included.

PURE PAVE Permeable Surfacing

Earth Conscious Surfacing.


What if decorative surfacing didn't grow weeds or shift out of place after a few years? How about no cracks? With a 30mm permeable base and drainage control, water never builds up and we can skip the freeze/thaw damage. Attractive natural granites to match any landscape design. Stunning. Low Impact and eco-friendly. Sustainable. A natural water filter. Less expensive than interlock. Fight flooding and eliminate the need for detention ponds. PUREPAVE is the better paving alternative to concrete and or Interlock. 

Why Install PurePave?

PurePave's Technology and innovation was built on the backs of giants. Millions of square feet of Addagrip, our British partner company, has been installed globally for nearly 30 years. It's been installed by governments around the world, urban developers, contractors, universities, castles, municipalities, you name it. PUREPAVE has added a little something extra; patented method and binders have tested for optimal performance in Canada with 5000 PSI and 249% elongation, built on top of PURE-GRID, our system was designed to out-perform the existing 30-year longevity of permeable surfacing in the Canadian climate. 

The National Researach Council's construction technology division, Conservation Ontario, high-end car dealerships, Low Impact Developers, Universities and the federal government of Canada are already working with PUREPAVE. Our team's Integrity, work ethic, passion for helping the environment and innovative products are here for you.

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Completed surfaces have the appearance of loose, natural aggregates with the structure of finished pavements. 

Excellent for: driveways, walkways, parks, universities, public spaces, parking lots, roads and tree pits.  



Faster snow melt in the winter with minimal ice build up and extra grip makes PurePave an excellent safety surface.

Rubber surfacing is available for playgrounds and pool surrounds. 

Permeable Purepave eliminates drainage issues, thaw heaving and strongly mitigates cracking. 

Architects and city engineers can solve drainage issues and follow storm water run-off regulation by specifying PurePave in their design. 

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