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High Durability.

100% Permeable.


PUREPAVE Permeable Surfacing

What if decorative surfacing didn't grow weeds or shift out of place after a few years? How about no cracks?


With a 30cm permeable base and drainage control, water never builds up and we can skip the freeze/thaw damage. Attractive natural granites to match any landscape design. Stunning. Low Impact and eco-friendly.


Sustainable. A natural water filter. Fusion Landscape Designs for the Rain Ready Government Program.


Less expensive than interlock. Fight flooding and transform your property into a Net-Zero Runoff Site! PUREPAVE is the better, eco-friendly paving alternative to concrete and or Interlock. 

PurePave Infiltrates 



Per Sq Meter Per Hr

What Sets Us Apart

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Low Impact Development product. The lowest carbon footprint of any surfacing material to produce. Prevents stormwater pollution from flowing into our rivers and stream!

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Resists Ice Build-up

Correct! PurePave resists ice-build up, and snow melts 50% faster; which means little to no salt. So long icy driveways! 

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6X stringer than asphalt. 1.6X stronger than cement. It's the first pavement to not lose strength thru frost/thaw simulations performed by University of Ottawa.

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Anti-slip and AODA

PurePave surface is slip resistant and can be upgraded to anti-slip. PurePave is also AODA compliant, ideal for wheelchair access!

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40 Year Lifespan

Independent, scientific testing by the University of Ottawa, rates purePave with an expected Lifespan of 40+ years, within our Canadian climate.

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Made in Canada

The Nation Research Council of Canada, Conservation Ontario and our Federal Government are now installing PurePave. Proudly!?

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Incredibly Porous

An enormous amount of water per second can drain through PurePave surface, unlike any other.

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10 Year Warranty

Your PurePave surface receives an unparalleled 10 Year to lifetime Warranty from our contractors, giving you peace of mind against cracks and weeds! Yes, really.


Explore Our Granite Colour Palette

Discover over 10 Stunning Permeable Granite Colours to Elevate Your Projects


Technology Breakthrough 

PurePave's Technology and innovation was built on the backs of giants. Millions of square feet of Addagrip, our British partner company, has been installed globally for nearly 30 years. It's been installed by governments around the world, urban developers, contractors, universities, castles, municipalities, you name it.

PUREPAVE has added a little something extra; proprietary systems, equipment and binders have tested for optimal performance in Canada with 6.18 MPa Flexural Strength and 249% elongation, our system is the first tested by Ottawa University to resist freeze-thaw strength loss! 

The National Researach Council's construction technology division, Conservation Ontario, high-end car dealerships, Low Impact Developers, Universities and the federal government of Canada are already working with PUREPAVE. Our team's Integrity, work ethic, passion for helping the environment and innovative products are here for you.

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