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Earth Conscious Surfacing

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Produce revolutionary LID designs and meet

stormwater management requirements.

Purepave Rustic Flexural Strength test at 61 kN. 


Purepave Pro Gif for driving surfaces over clear

stone drainage base.  

Purepave has the highest infiltration rate available for permeable surfacing and is durable enough to withstand truck traffic and snow removal. 

The remarkable properties of Purepave Pro and Purepave Rustic can allow us to meet stormwater targets without wasting land or money (no more stormwater ponds). 


- Naturally filter water

- Higher surface lifespan

- No cracks or brick shifting (frost thaw mitigation) 

- Eliminate all drainage issues

- Unique design capabilities (including signage) 

Solving a wide variety of problems is easy with Purepave. From LID Developments to safety surfacing and tree pits to municipal sidewalks located on a flood plain, our innovative sustainable infrastructure technologies will out perform any other surfacing material available today. 

Lot Level Stormwater management plans

Specified by city of Toronto 


Flexible Permeable Pavement

249% Elongation. No cracks.

Water infiltration on permeable pavement

Infiltration rate up to 70,000L

per M2 per hour!

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Specify Pupepave in your next project. 

Replenish aquifers, filter ground water, increase safety, eliminate drainage issues, doesn't crack.


Low Impact Development now has a custom design and recycles plastic.

Join us today.

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