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PurePave Technology

Prior to PurePave, there were few viable permeable pavements for winter climates. Permeable asphalt and porous concretes failed due to freeze-thaw action, salt and plowing. Permeable Block Pavers had low overall permeability, infiltrating water only through spaces between each brick which resulted in early clogging and a significant OpEx cost.


Enter PurePave: a breakthrough in materials science. With funding from the National Research Council of Canada, PurePave designers, engineers and it's contractors developed a material composite and pavement design that would score perfectly in freeze-thaw resistance: maintaining 6x strength over standard asphalt after 40 freeze-thaw cycles at the University of Ottawa Civil Engineering Lab. A first in pavement engineering.  

Fast Forward to 2024 and the Federal government is procuring the product, Municipalities are providing grants to have it installed on private property and specifying it for public infrastructure projects in order to help manage stormwater at the lot-level. A Low Impact Development breakthrough to help North America implement Sponge Cities; to go from grey to green. 


What is it?

PurePave from first priciniples: granite aggregates crushed to a precise size spectrum and processed to remove all dust and moisture + a proprietary blend of resins and plant based polyols. With zero leaching and remarkable material properties, PurePave's Earth Conscious Surfacing is able to:

- Infiltrate 3800L / SM / Hr.

- Bend and regain it's shape as needed without strength loss.

- Resist bond strength loss from freeze-thaw cycles to ASTM Standard. 

- Maintain a flexural strength 6x higher than standard asphalt after 40 freeze-thaw cycles. 

- Support vehicular traffic of propane trucks, construction equipment and commercial snow plows. 


While "resin bound" materials have existed in Europe for 30 years, their low psi and low freeze-thaw resistance made it non-viable for winter climates in Canada. 

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