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PurePave achieves two important goals of our time; ecological and economic sustainability.

The 21st century is experiencing the greatest migration in the history of the world.

For the first time in history, the majority of the population lives in cities and this trend will continue to grow over the coming decades. By 2050, researchers, scientists, urban planners, and architects predict that ⅔ of humanity will be living in metropolitan areas.

The development and successful management of cities is faced with two key challenges:

1) Meeting the infrastructure needs of the growing urban population

2) Building modern and above all sustainable infrastructure

Driveways, paths, carparks, terraces, pedestrian zones, and privately used surfaces are important for the appearance and satisfaction of the inhabitants in the cities. These features provide not only functional but unique emotional attachment to area which we reside in.

However, traditional surfaces such as asphalt and concrete have both negative environmental and functional implications and will not allow for the successful growth management of urban areas.

For precisely this reason we need to rethink how we expand our cities.

PurePave Winterized Permeable Surfacing is an incredibly versatile material that helps combat environmental, social and economic challenges to deliver large benefits for the urban population.

This intelligent formula creates high strength surfacing that allows rainwater to seep into the soil helping cut off stormwater and thereby reducing the stress and pollution on local waterways. Architects, designers, and installers now have a system that is visually appealing, winterized, sustainable and easy to install.

PurePave is not just an alternative to traditional surfacing, but the most advanced approach to the design and construction of walkways, driveways and public spaces.

Instead of impervious surfaces, PurePave’s permeability allows sustainable rainwater management possible in the future.

Rainwater seeps away naturally and as a result contributes to groundwater reserves which has become a growing problem in many areas around the world. Specifically for North America, groundwater is the primary source of drinking water for about half the population and nearly all of the rural population as well as providing over 50 billion gallons per day for agricultural needs.

Unfortunately, many areas across the world are experiencing groundwater depletion in part due to the expansion of metropolitan areas.

PurePave’s product is impressive in further use cases. Surfaces stay firm, clean and free of puddles and ice. Also important is the huge variety in the choice of granite and natural stone available for clients and designers. It is even possible to use high grade marble granulate, quartz, granite or crushed glass.

PurePave Technologies’ team has ultimately designed a system to help save energy, resources, and production. In quick time it has become the intelligent system for surface design in North America, contributing an eco-friendly and natural infrastructure to cities and urban centres for the next generation. For further information, please email us at

PurePave Technologies - for the future of our cities.

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