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PurePave - Your Green Infrastructure Expansion Pack.

Our model is centred around our contractors and their success. From introducing your team to the world of sustainable stormwater management, flood prevention and safety surfacing and offering a unique design for your clients.... all the way to installing in the winter time. We have you covered.

We have requests for installers in cities across America / Canada and we are looking to partner with the best in each territory. 

Marketing solutions, City specified projects, government incentives and eco friendly surfacing are here to help grow your business.

PurePave Certification


Installation Training

If your team qualifies for PurePave certification, installation training is required to get started. 

Technical Eng Training

Your designers, ops team, office and installers will be required to understand permeable base engineering and water flow.

Design Training

Design options, interlock pavers, heating systems, granite options, infiltration solutions and flood prevention. 

Join PurePave Pro


Elevate your craft with PurePave's Pro Network. To join today, commit to integrating our product into your company's offerings, alongside purchasing one of our premium mixers for a smoother installation experience. Showcase your dedication to delivering top-quality PurePave installations and gain exclusive access to tailored marketing and business development strategies. Partner with us and unlock the pathway to success.

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